Special exhibitions

Special exhibition: The black shine of Prussia

The latest special exhibition of the Rheinische Eisenkunstguss-Museum in Sayn-Bendorf, Germany is called “The black shine of Prussia“. Next to the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, Schell Collection supports the special exhibition with over 80 exhibits.

We are glad to annouce the second cooperation with Sayn-Bendorf, after the first special exhibition in 2011 „Splendor in the Palace – Cast iron from the Donau to the Urals“. Last time we showed exhibits from foundries of the austrian-hungarian monarchie, now it’s time to take a look at the items of the royal prussian foundries: Berlin, Sayn and Gleiwitz. At the occasion of the 200 years anniversary of the work of Sayn’s jar-foundry, which is also the beginning of the art oft cast iron in Sayn we celebrate this exhibition. In 1817/18 Karl Ludwig Althans started working at foundry Sayn, who is memorized for the architectural cast iron elements in the foundry building.

The selected items are masterpieces like the Teutons pillar or the Warwick vas, figures and statues but also cast iron jewelery.

There is a catalogue in german language published, that can be ordered at our web shop or directly at Schell Collection. The special exhibition runs from June, 14th 2018 until April, 28th 2019.

There is going to be a public colloquium in November at the Rheinische Eisenkunstguss-Museum in Sayn-Bendorf:

Friday, Nov. 16th, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Lecture start at 10.00 am

There are going to be lectures given by collectors, sponsors and museum curators about the arts and crafts of cast iron.

We would like to say Barbara Friedhofen, museum director of Rheinisches Eisenkunstguss-Museum, Sayn-Bendorf thank you for all her inspiring work.