Managing director

Hannes Schell, MSc

As Managing Director of the Association of the Schell Collection, Mr. Schell takes care of the economic interests of the museum. Whether it’s funding applications or human resources – everything is in good hands with Mr. Schell. He supports the team in many ways and is always ready to listen to the employees. As the son and grandson of a collector, Mr. Schell also shows strong interest in the exhibits of the collection.





Research assistents

Jasmin Längle, MA

In her work as a research assistant at the Schell Collection, Mrs. Längle is primarily concerned with the art historical aspect of the exhibits. Her professional expertise is evident in her scientific articles, cultural mediation and inventory work. Mrs. Längle is also responsible for planning events such as the Long Night of Museums and for liaising with cooperation partners. She looks after the museum’s specialised library and takes care of book dispatch. The loans are organised by Mrs. Längle with great care.




Laura Müller, BA BA BA

As a historian, art historian and ethnologist, Mrs. Müller demonstrates her expertise in her scientific work with the museum exhibits. In addition to her work as an experienced cultural mediator, Mrs. Müller also coordinates the incoming tour requests. Every year she comes up with new, tricky questions for the children’s programme. With great creativity and care, Mrs. Müller takes care of the design of the museum shop. Mrs. Müller keeps a close eye on the visitor statistics and the feedback forms.



Julia Stegmann, BA

As a historian, Mrs. Stegmann is primarily concerned with objects in connection with historical events. This becomes clear in her scientific articles for the website, in inventorying and in cultural mediation. With her many years of experience in the areas of exhibition curation and collection concepts, Mrs. Stegmann is an real asset to the museum. Mrs. Stegmann takes care of the contributions for the website and fills the social media channels and the newsletter with exciting content. Thanks to Mrs. Stegmann’s close eye for upcoming auctions, market observation is in good hands.



Marion Schell

As the good soul of the museum, Marion Schell supports us in many ways. During guided tours – especially the fixed tours – you can benefit from Mrs. Schell’s detailed knowledge. She always endeavours to make the visit to the museum as pleasant as possible for all our visitors. Mrs. Schell has the museum’s depots firmly under control, which she keeps up to date and looks after with meticulous care. Mrs. Schell also uses this skill, when managing the cash desk.





Emanuele Garsone

Emanuele Garsone is passionate about giving our objects the right lustre. He works tirelessly through our inventory to give each object the honour of becoming a showpiece in the collection. So be sure to thank our eager restorer when you leave the museum. Mr. Garsone is also an expert in opening complex locks and caskets from past centuries. Mr. Garsone is also the expert in the museum for various IT issues.




Ethnological Collection Schell

Mag. Verena Lang

In 2008, a large collection of ethnological artefacts from Africa and Asia was purchased by the Schell family. In addition to her other activities at the museum, Mrs. Lang has been dedicated to do the research on these extraordinary exhibits since 2014. From July 2023, Mrs. Lang places her scientific focus on researching and inventorying the ethnological collection. Above all, the topics of mythology, iconography and historical context represent the scientific focus of Mrs. Lang. This will make it possible to make these objects more accessible to visitors both in the permanent exhibition and in special exhibitions. Selected exhibits can also be presented occasionally in the “Object of the Month” section. Mrs. Lang is also the contact for the Museum der Völker (Schwaz, Tyrol). Some exhibits from the Ethnological Collection are on permanent loan there. Mrs. Lang is also a member of ICME (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Ethnography).



Mag. Nina Perkonigg

Nina PerkoniggWhen it comes to accounting, Mrs. Perkonigg is always on top of things. Her voluntary work at the museum also includes helping with events and administrative tasks. Mrs. Perkonigg is also interested in museum education – especially for school classes.





Gerhild Santner, MA Bakk.phil. (Currently in maternity leave).

Mrs. Santner’s areas of responsibility include researching the exhibits and imparting knowledge in the form of lectures and publications. As curator of special exhibitions, Mrs. Santner shows objects from the Schell Collection in a different light. During guided tours, you can benefit from Mrs. Santner’s extensive knowledge of the exhibits. In the field of cultural mediation, Mrs. Santner always succeeds in developing interesting and entertaining concepts for visitors of all ages.
In addition to writing a dissertation, Mrs. Santner has been teaching as a lecturer at the Institute of European Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz since 2018. As part of her membership of CECA (International Committee for Education and Cultural Action), she gives lectures on museum education issues.