Seal of quality

Prolongiation of the Austrian seal of quality

The once again prolongiation of the Austrian seal of quality for museums fulfills the whole team around Hanns and Christof Schell with great pleasure.

Experts from ICOM Austria and the Austrian Museum Association have confirmed, that our museum corresponds to the international criterias. For this reason they award the desired seal of quality for five more years to the Schell Collection. This award is a motivation for us to provide museum work in excellent quality for our visitors in the future.

Donation granting

Schell Collection owns a public access which is similar to corporation under public law and exhibits, that are full of historical and other cultural meaning and so valuable for Austria. Due to this reason Schell Collection got the permission of the Austrian federal chacellery of the marketability of donations on October 2nd, 2009 for 5 years. (§ 4 Abs. 4 Zi. 6 lit. B EStG) On October, 3rd 2014 this marketability of donations got renewied for another 5 years. ( § 4 a Zi. 2b EStG)