Special exhibitions

Special exhibition in the castle Trautenfels 2013

„Locks in a castle. From bolt to mikrochip“

From March 23rd to October 31st we present 231 exhibits of the Schell collections in the beautiful castle Trautenfels. The exhibition will concern religious, historical and daily life aspects of locks and keys from the beginning to 21st century. Martina Pall from Schell Collection and Katharina Krenn from castle Trautenfels created together an exclusive exhibition with modern locking systems and antique, but marvellous objects from Schell Collection. You will see massive padlocks, next to delicate keys and beautiful caskets and chests.
The exhibition ran from March 23rd to October 31st, 2013 at castle Trautenfels in Styria, Austria.
Opening: Saturday 23rd March, 2013, 11am.
Lecture: Thursday 18th April, 2013.