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Special exhibition: Of crooks, hoodlums and impostars. Exhibits tell stories.


Special exhibitions always bring a fresh breeze in a museum. We keep to this motto and so a new tradition started two years ago:  A special exhibition with an exciting topic will be set up in the foyer of the first floor at Schell Collection every year.

So we can present the collection from different angles to you.

After the success of the exhibitions “Heavenly objects”, which shows exhibits associated to Christian tradition in the year 2016, and “Thunderbolt and Trident”, where the visitors are able to marvel at gods and mythical creatures and learn about legendary heros in the year 2017, we proudly present:

“Of crooks, hoodlums and impostars. Exhibits tell stories.”, since April, 5th 2018.

“Being a crook one day!” Have you ever imagine that? There is no harm in this thought. But it isn’t so easy to dare the step to the dark side. The exhibition focus is on the people, who risked it. It is about crooks and impostars, thieves and frauds, fortune tellers and prostitutes. We accompany them in their every day life and take a look at their practices and tricks.  We observe what they are doing not to be caught and listen to their secrect language, the Rotwelsch.  Nowadays we are able to hear such words or sometimes we use them ourselves without knowing. The exhibition shows with locks, keys, caskets, cast iron objects and guild signs what kind of cunning thoughts are hidden from us in the darkness.

Take a trip through a world full of swindles, fraudulent intent and shady characters with us.

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