Stop closing your mind! Let’s take a glimse together on the fascinating world of locks and keys! You are going to be a fan in a few minutes! Everone of us uses them. We actually don’t even see them anymore though we need them everyday. And all of us have already lost them: The keys. They are even in our language: There is a key-account manager, you have key skills. We are searching the key to someone’s heart.

But wait, there is more! Do you know the ritual of the widower’s key? You always wanted to know, if chastity belts were real, didn’t you? Why did every house has it’s own silver chest, that can be looked up? And why is there a dog in a chest?

Hanns Schell is collecting everything that can be locked or unlocked for more than 50 years. By now there are more than 13.000 exhibits in the private museum of Schell’s family. We inform you about different kinds of techniques (etching, exchanging, blueing, etc.), interesting ornamentations (allegories of the planets, virtues or from biblical mythologies etc.), wondrous materials (ivory, mother of pearl, turtle shell, etc.) and illustrate this world with the most beautiful examples, we were able to find for you. Many entertaining stories and interesting historical backgrounds of our exhibits can be explored in our three-floor museum. Visitors of all ages can find their favorites here!

We show chests and doors, metal fittings and locks, padlocks and keys from ancient times up to the 20th century from Afrika, Asia and Europe. There is a also a wonderful department for cast iron exhibits. Filigree bracelets, heroic chess-figures from historical battles and hundreds of cast iron things, that were used in the everydaylife of the 19th century. More than 100 guild signs ands guild chests aswell as other guild exhibits are waiting for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you!